CHCs Work!

Action and innovation at
Canada’s Community Health Centres

CHCs Work! is an evidence-informed series showing diverse ways that Community Health Centres are improving health and healthcare for individuals, families and communities across Canada. Articles draw from research and organizational data, and are categorized according to the five domains of the Community Health Centre definition/model. These are:

  1. Interprofessional primary care
  2. Integrated primary care, health promotion, and community health
  3. Community-centredness
  4. Action on social determinants of health
  5. Action on health equity and social justice

Reducing Hospital Utilization Among Patients with Complex Needs Through Care Coordination

Reducing Hospital Utilization Among Patients with Complex Needs Through Care Coordination

Kingston Community Health  Centres (KCHCs) plays a coordinating role for the Salmon River Health Link (SRHL), one of Ontario's Health Links, which were established as a key commitment in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care. Key goals of Health Links are to: improve the delivery and coordination of care; enhance the experience of care; and improve the quality of care at lower ...
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CHCs Work! Editorial Team


Loretta Dobbelsteyn
Senior Director of Operations
The Alex Community Health Centre
Calgary, AB

Tracy Mercier
Program Evaluation and Research Coordinator
Boyle McCauley Health Centre
Edmonton, AB

Dr. Laura Muldoon
Family Physician and Research Scientist
Somerset West Community Health Centre
Ottawa. ON

Michael Payne
Executive Director
Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Winnipeg, MB

Jennifer Rayner
Research and Evaluation Lead
Association of Ontario Health Centres
Toronto, ON


Yogendra Shakya
Senior Research Scientist
Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
Toronto, ON

Scott Wolfe
Executive Director
Canadian Association of Community Health Centres
Toronto, ON