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The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CACHC) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to providing Community Health Centres (CHCs) across Canada with support, networking opportunities, organizational development tools, and policy and advocacy leadership focused on community-oriented primary health care and healthy public policy. CACHC’s membership is achieving positive change through collective impact. Visit our Action Centre.

Value in Purchasing

Members of CACHC have access to reduced pricing and purchasing support on a wide range of supplies and services through the association’s Value in Purchasing (VIP) Program. Available exclusively to members of CACHC, the VIP Program is offered through CACHC’s national partnership agreement with ASSOCIUM GAIN, a Canada-wide group purchasing and procurement organization with over 20 years of industry-leading experience. See VIP Program and Enrollment.

National and Global Networks

CACHC is a hub for connecting you with other CHCs across Canada and around the globe. Our diverse array of resource-sharing and knowledge-exchange activities for members allows you to connect in meaningful ways with other CHCs across Canada. CACHC is also a founding member and the Secretariat of the International Federation of Community Health Centres (IFCHC). All members of CACHC receive automatic membership in the IFCHC (at no additional cost) and are eligible to participate in global networking forums, global learning exchanges and other IFCHC activities. Visit

improving Visibility and Support

In addition to our our VIP Program, CACHC’s growing menu of other day-to-day membership benefits add important value for your CHC and the communities you serve. Our national Jobs and Board Opportunities at CHCs directory and Donate to CHCs directories allow your CHC to improve recruitment and retention, and to improve your financial bottom-line. And, CACHC’s online Knowledge & Networking Hub offers a growing menu of ways that all staff and board members from your CHC can access tools, resources and a wide array of networking opportunities with nearly 1000 CHC colleagues from across Canada.

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